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Our Philosophy

Our work is focused on improving people's experiences of their living and working environments. We understand how your surroundings can affect your performance, health and temperament. This is what drives us to pursue the best design solutions. This is reflected in all the work we do and how we think.


Our London based practice designs and manages projects for companies and organizations that are in search of a great working space or business environment. Occasionally, we undertake residential projects that require or offer the potential for new and challenging design concepts.

We have worked on a diverse range of projects from high end office fit-outs in central London, Spas in top city hotels, to a new build in Switzerland and a beach house in the South coast of Kenya.

We are involved in every detail of all projects, from the location of the air-con unit to the height of the door handle and position of the coffee machine.

The Studio

The Studio was founded by Shiro Muchiri in 2002. Shiro is the lead designer and is involved in all projects undertaken by the Studio. Shiro has a wealth of design, product and techincal knowledge gathered from her 20 years of worldwide experience in the industry.

Our studio has thrived from having undertaken a series of complex and technically challenging projects which have led to a rich understanding of how people naturally respond to buildings and interior spaces.

We have developed great working relationships with experts from various fields like, acoustics, lighting, ergonomics and sustainable technology over the years. This allows efficiency in our design proposals which incorporate good knowledge and understanding of key elements in these specialist areas.

Our studio has also developed a powerful database over the past few years which has now become an invaluable resource for information and case study details of projects of interest. We are actively seeking out new developments and innovations within the design and construction industry. Constantly reviewing and updating the variety of methods and products we specify. This involves travelling regularly to see, test and try the new products and concepts we would like to incorporate in our design proposals.

As a result, our design studio is able to offer our clients a breadth of options that would be difficult to acquire without the benefit of our experience, research and enthusiasm for design and construction.

How We Work

We can get involved with a project right from when the decision to embark is made. During the pre site acquisition stages, we help our clients analyze their requirements and objectives. This is an important exercise to undertake in any project.

When a site or premises has already been secured, we can assist in the assembly of a suitable team. The team could range in skills and discipline ‐ from structural engineer to bespoke cabinet makers. We also work in conjunction with pre‐appointed consultants or specialists like architects as well as contractors.

Once we have a fully explored and developed design solution, we manage the rest of the project stages which include tender action, appointment of the main contractor and other specialist sub‐contractors, operations on site through to completion and handover.

For those clients who are ‘time deprived’, we have developed systems that would keep them updated about the progress of their projects at all times. We do this by exploiting the use of the latest technology to present design proposals, run projects and effectively resolve issues that arise from time to time.

We place great importance in offering a proactive client service approach, giving our clients the best chance of experiencing business as usual during the course of their project.

Shiro Muchiri

Shiro has been working or studying Interior Architecture for the past 20 years. Implementing Interior design solutions or carrying out research studies for various types of clients and projects all over the world.

Shiro completed her first undergraduate degree in Interior Architecture at the internationally presitigious IDI (Interior Design Institute) in Milan.

She later completed a postgraduage MA in Interior Design at the Surrey Institute of Art & Design.

Luciana Magalhaes

Luciana Magalhaes is an architect, graduated in Sao Paulo, Brazil in 2003. She also holds and Masters in Architecture and Urban Planning from Mackenzie Presbyterian University in Sao Paulo.

Alongside her studies in Interior Design in London during 2010, Luciana has been working on private and commercial projects both in Sao Paulo and London since 2008.